Working Canon PIXMA G3010/G3110 @ macOS

less than 1 minute read

The only way to make this work is by using it vía network, forget about USB. Also, it only works as a printer, not as a scanner, blame Canon for not even implementing proper Bonjour support as a multifunctional printer. To make it work:

  • Download the drivers for the Canon PIXMA G3000 (it says 3200 but it’s the one for the 3000)
  • Download the Canon Android APP and setup the printer to connect to your network.
  • Install the PIXMA G3000 drivers and setup the printer as a network printer.

Done. It shows up as a regular printer, and you can print from it (it takes a little bit longer than printing from Windows), but it’s just a regular printer. The Android App might include some PPD files and/or drivers to really make it work, but who knows? I made sure to ask someone else to do the wireless setup for me so that I didn’t have to agree to any of the usually insane Terms & Conditions. This process might work for Linux-based systems but I do not use any of them at work, and I do not use printers at home.